Jeffrey J. McDonnell 教授学术报告会

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报告主题:Compartmentalization of the terrestrial water cycle

报 告 人:Jeffrey J. McDonnell 教授

时       间:9月25日(周三)15:30-17:00

地       点:教四楼201


Dr.Jeffrey McDonnell,加拿大萨斯喀彻温大学环境与可持续发展学院教授,加拿大皇家科学院院士,美国地球物理学会会士。他主要从事同位素水文学方面的研究,目前已发表300多篇学术论文,其中近20篇发表在Nature、Science、Nature Geoscience、Nature Sustainability和Nature Climate Change等顶级期刊,是世界上引用率最高的水文学家。 


Our quantitative understanding of the terrestrial water cycle dates back to Pierre Perrault who in 1674 “measured” the water budget of a 145 km2 headwater catchment of the River Seine near Dijon, France. He showed that rainfall volume explained sufficiently the water carried off by rivers and removed by evaporation. This study demonstrated that ‘underground condensation in reservoirs’ was not needed explain streamflow or plant transpiration---a concept previously debated since the ancient Greeks. Subsequently, the catchment water balance (inputs-outputs=change in storage) has become one of the most important equations in the geosciences. However, recent work using stable isotope tracers shows a much more complex water cycle than simple hydrometric observations suggest. At scales from global to microscopic, the water cycle appears highly compartmentalized and poorly mixed at timescales well beyond the annual measurements of input and output. This talk summarizes recent work and attempts to make a case for thinking about the stored inventory of old water in our water balance accounting model.