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Research Areas

The general idea of research development of our college is to solve the problem of water security in China, especially in the north, with a focus on surface water & groundwater coupling process. Adhering to the direction of developing advantageous characteristic disciplines, we shall stick to and strengthen researches in the two aspects, i.e. hydrology & water resources and groundwater science & engineering; we shall mainly support hydraulics and river dynamics; and we will actively expand new research directions, such as water security, ecological watershed science & engineering, and urban water supplies. We will build a first-class research team that enjoys domestic and international influences in the fields of watershed hydrological process simulation, soil and water pollution control & restoration, water ecological protection & restoration and large-scale watershed (region) water security.

After ten years of development, the three research directions, i.e. watershed hydrology comprehensive simulation, watershed governance & regulation, and watershed management will reach the leading level in China. One or two scientific research teams with international influence will be built up. A scientific research and talent training base for hydraulic engineering science with a reasonable faculty structure, a moderate scale and the integrated development of all disciplines will be established, providing a water-supply strategic framework for the implementation of the "Belt and Road" Initiative and the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. By mid-21stCentury, a research team engaging in hydrology & water resources, groundwater, watershed science and water security with international influence will be established, of which the discipline recognition and ranking will reach an international leading level.